How to place a big order?

If you can provide samples to bulk purchasers?


We can provide sample services to bulk purchasers. The sample cost and shipping fees will be based on the prices published on this website.

However, we will deduct these sample costs and shipping fees from your future bulk purchase orders.

Do you support bulk purchasing business?


We offer bulk purchasing services to customers worldwide, but we do require a minimum order quantity(MOQ) for each product. Please contact our customer service for specific MOQ.

If you cannot meet the MOQ, we will sell the products at the retail price listed on this website.

What services and benefits are available for bulk purchases?

We possess a robust supply chain solution and resource integration capability.

We not only offer a comprehensive range of product categories to bulk purchasers but also provide factory-direct pricing that is highly competitive, alongside efficient logistics solutions. We can also offer customized services tailored to different countries, application scenarios, and customer requirements.

Additionally, we allocate dedicated sales personnel to facilitate seamless service round the clock for our bulk purchasers, ensuring a hassle-free experience when sourcing Tesla accessories in China.

What can be customized for bulk purchases?

We offer bulk purchasers various customization services, including logo placement, individualized packaging, color, style, size, and production molds.

The specific customization options will be determined through one-on-one communication based on your unique requirements.

*Kindly note: Samples do not support customization services.

How to contact customer service?

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