Who We Are?

In the global market, Tesla has garnered the favor of millions of consumers, and the collective pursuit of upstream and downstream manufacturers worldwide is to develop more and better complementary products to enhance the driving experience.
Since 2012, FIT Car Accessories has been dedicated to this core objective. Through independent research and development and global procurement, the company has established a Research and Operations Center in the United States and a manufacturing center in China. With such resource allocation and effective division of labor, FIT is committed to providing Tesla owners worldwide with a range of high-quality and cost-effective products.
Our mission is to meet the demands of Tesla enthusiasts, whether you're an individual owner or a bulk purchaser. We continuously innovate our products using big data analysis while ensuring the highest quality standards. By optimizing production and logistics costs, we aim to offer Tesla owners around the world the best value for their money.
With a keen focus on product quality, timely delivery, and personalized service, we believe you will find satisfaction with our offerings. Whether you drive a Tesla personally or are a wholesaler seeking premium accessories, Fit is here to enhance your Tesla experience.

Phone: +1 (303) 246-1287

Address: 1312 17th Street Unit 2626,Denver CO 80202,US