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3D Diamond Pattern All-Weather TPE Rear Storage Box Mat

3D Diamond Pattern All-Weather TPE Rear Storage Box Mat

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Elevate your driving experience and protect your vehicle with our TPE Car Floor Mats. Crafted from environmentally friendly TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), these mats are the perfect blend of performance and sustainability. Here's what makes them stand out:

Exceptional Heat Resistance: Our TPE car floor mats are designed to withstand high temperatures without warping or losing their form. Whether you're in scorching summer heat or dealing with hot engine components, these mats won't deform, ensuring they maintain their sleek appearance.

Outstanding Wear Resistance: The durable TPE material is engineered to resist wear and tear, ensuring these mats will withstand the test of time. Whether you're tracking in dirt, mud, or facing the daily grind of foot traffic, these mats are built to last.

Environmentally Friendly: We take our commitment to the environment seriously. These mats are made from TPE, a material known for its eco-friendly properties. Rest easy knowing you're choosing a sustainable option for your vehicle.

Waterproof and Cold-Resistant: These mats are designed to keep moisture at bay. They're waterproof, so spills and wet shoes won't penetrate your car's flooring. Additionally, their cold-resistant nature ensures they remain flexible and functional even in frigid temperatures.

Superb Flexibility: TPE is known for its flexibility and elasticity, allowing the mats to conform to your car's floor, capturing every contour and edge seamlessly. The result is a custom fit that offers superior coverage and protection.

Precision Craftsmanship: To ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle, we utilize high-precision scanning technology to capture the 3D data of your car's interior. Our molds are crafted from pure aluminum and undergo a state-of-the-art vacuum thermoforming process, guaranteeing a snug and precise fit that hugs every curve of your car's floor.

Easy Installation and Cleaning: Installing these mats is a breeze, and they can be easily removed for cleaning. Whether it's crumbs, dirt, or spills, these mats can be wiped clean or hosed down, making maintenance a hassle-free task.

Upgrade your vehicle's interior with our TPE Car Floor Mats. Experience the perfect combination of performance, sustainability, and style, all while protecting your car's floor from the elements. It's time to invest in quality and eco-conscious automotive accessories.


Production Process: Vacuum Forming

Material:TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer)

Color: Black

Pattern: Geometry



No. of Mats:1

Compatible Vehicle Models: Model 3/Model Y

Installation Position: Rear Storage Box

Compatible Steering Wheel Position: Left/Right


Operate Temperature(°C):-40 to 120

Other Features: Waterproof, Wear-resistant, Oilproof, etc.


1PCS Of Rear Storage Box Mat



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