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Model 3 Body Kits-Turbo Style Aero Kits-Glossy Black*11 PCS

Model 3 Body Kits-Turbo Style Aero Kits-Glossy Black*11 PCS

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Elevate Your Tesla with Our Carbon Fiber Body Kits:

Experience the perfect fusion of style and performance with our Carbon Fiber Body Kits tailored for your Tesla. Crafted from high-grade carbon fiber, these kits are meticulously designed to cater to your customization and styling preferences. The exclusive Carbon Fiber finish exudes a sense of timeless elegance and modernity, setting your Tesla apart from the rest.

Key Features:

1. Fog Light Canards: Enhance your vehicle's aerodynamics and sporty appeal with fog light canards, adding an aggressive touch to the front end.

2. Front Lip Spoiler: Elevate your Tesla's aesthetics and performance with a front lip spoiler that not only looks stunning but also reduces drag for enhanced driving dynamics.

3. Turn Signal Cap: Add a stylish touch to your turn signals with caps that exude a sense of elegance, emphasizing attention to detail.

4. Rear Diffusers: Optimize airflow and improve rear-end aesthetics with rear diffusers, delivering a dynamic and sleek appearance.

5. Side Skirts: Enhance visual balance and aerodynamics with side skirts that give your Tesla a sportier stance.

6. Rear Spoiler: Elevate both the aesthetics and aerodynamics of your Tesla with a rear spoiler that complements the overall design while improving performance.

Seamless Installation: Our body kits are designed for a straightforward and hassle-free installation process, using a combination of paste and screw fastening. This ensures accessibility for vehicle enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Upgrade your Tesla with our Carbon Fiber Body Kits and make a powerful statement on the road. The exquisite Carbon Fiber finish, along with the high-quality construction, ensures that your Tesla stands out with a unique blend of elegance and performance. Elevate your Tesla's style, aerodynamics, and overall presence with these exceptional carbon fiber components.


Material: ABS

Color: Carbon Fiber

Position: Front Lip, Fog Light, Turn Signal, Rear, etc.

Mounting Type: Paste and Screw

N.W (Kg):



1Pair Of Fog Light Canards

1PCS Of Front Lip Spoiler

1Pair Of Turn Signal Caps

1PCS Of Rear Diffusers

1Pair Of Side Skirts

1PCS Of Spoiler

*1Bag Of Screws and 3M Silent sponge adhesive



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