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Model 3 Fast Style Turn Signal Cap-Variety*(1 Pair)

Model 3 Fast Style Turn Signal Cap-Variety*(1 Pair)

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Elevate Your Tesla's Sporty Elegance:

Enhance your Tesla's aesthetics with our Turn Signal Cap, meticulously designed to add a sporty touch with an elegant flair. Crafted from high-quality ABS material, these caps offer a perfect blend of sportiness and style. You have the choice of two captivating color options: Glossy Black for classic allure or Carbon Fiber for a modern and dynamic finish.

Key Features:

1. Fast Design Style: The "Fast" design style enhances your vehicle's sporty appeal while maintaining a touch of elegance, making your Tesla stand out from the crowd.

2. Effortless Installation: Thanks to the paste mounting type, installing these caps is quick and straightforward. It's a user-friendly method suitable for all car enthusiasts, allowing you to upgrade your vehicle's style effortlessly.

3. Turn Signal Enhancement: These caps are tailor-made to complement and enhance the aesthetics of your turn signals, providing a sporty and dynamic touch that sets your Tesla apart.

Upgrade your Tesla with Turn Signal Caps and add a sporty and elegant touch to your vehicle. The easy installation allows you to enhance your Tesla's sporty aesthetics without hassle. Choose the color that best suits your personal style, whether you prefer the classic charm of Glossy Black or the modern dynamism of Carbon Fiber. Elevate your vehicle's presence with these high-quality caps, delivering a perfect blend of sporty elegance.


Material: ABS

Color: Glossy Black, Carbon Fiber Look

Position: Turn Signal

Mounting Type: Paste

N.W (Kg):



1Pair Of Turn Signal Cap



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