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Space Aluminum Retractable Sunroof Sunshade

Space Aluminum Retractable Sunroof Sunshade

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While Tesla's panoramic sunroof exudes style and sets trends, it's no secret that it can expose your vehicle's interior to intense sunlight, leading to rapid temperature spikes that negatively impact your driving experience. That's why we've developed a cutting-edge sunshade to address this issue head-on. Our product harnesses the power of next-generation honeycomb-patterned lightweight nano-materials to deliver outstanding sunlight reflection and heat dissipation, ensuring a driving experience that's both cool and comfortable.

Key Features:

Advanced Nano-Material Construction: We've chosen the latest in nano-material technology to construct our sunshade. Its honeycomb pattern isn't just visually appealing; it's incredibly effective at reflecting sunlight and reducing heat build-up inside your Tesla.

Effortless Manual Retraction: Operating the sunshade is a breeze. It's designed for easy, manual retraction, allowing you to adjust it quickly and conveniently while driving. No more struggling with cumbersome and impractical sunshades.

Elevated Style and Elegance: Our sunshade adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to your Tesla's interior. It's a premium accessory that seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's design, making it look and feel more high-end.

Ultimate Sun Protection: With our sunshade, you'll experience enhanced comfort as it shields your interior from harsh UV rays and excessive heat. Say goodbye to scorching seats and unbearable temperatures when you step into your Tesla.

Tailored Fit for Tesla: Our sunshade is precisely designed to fit the dimensions of your Tesla panoramic sunroof. It provides complete coverage, ensuring that no sunlight can sneak through the gaps.

Upgrade your Tesla with our Panoramic Sunroof Sunshade and enjoy a more enjoyable and comfortable driving experience. Our innovative use of nano-materials, combined with the convenience of manual operation, makes it a standout choice that outshines ordinary and budget sunshades. Ride in style while staying cool, even when the sun is at its hottest.


Material: Polymeric Composite Honeycomb Material, GMT Sheet

Color: Silver

Weight(Kg):Model 3-3.5*2

Model Y-6.5

Size(mm): Model 3-1120*725*45*2

Model Y-1410*1140*95

Compatible Vehicle Models: Model 3/Model Y

Installation Position: Vehicle Sunroof



Model 3:

2 PCS Of Sunshade

1 Pack Of Screws and Clips

Model Y:

1 PCS Of Sunshade

1 Pack Of Screws and Clips



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